1. Leica UtiliFinder+

1. Leica UtiliFinder+

The Leica UTILIFINDER+ is a unique location system used to identify buried utilities. Select Auto mode to detect loaded power cables.

2. Leica UtiliGen

2. Leica UtiliGen

Use the Leica UTILIGEN to identify utilities & obtain a depth reading with the Leica UTILIFINDER+.

3. Leica UtiliDrain

3. Leica UtiliDrain

Use the Leica UTILIDRAIN to map pipes or sewers & find blockages. Use the Leica UTILIFINDER+ to trace the drain & obtain a depth reading.

The UTILIFINDER+ system easily locates buried electricity cables around your house or site.

How to trace power cables & underground utilities

Knowing the location of buried cables is essential to protect personnel and equipment during any excavation project.

Damage causes unnecessary costs, creates project delay and could cause personal injury.

The UTILIFINDER+ is a unique system that is very simple to use, just plug in the Utili-Gen inside your building and trace the buried electricity cables outside with the UTILIFINDER+, marking their path as you go.

Other conductive services including metal gas and water pipes and telecom cables may also be located if safety bonded to the electrical earthing system.

Leica UTILIFINDER+ - Overview

Utili-Finder - step 1

Step 1 - Plug-in

Plug UTILIGEN into wall & turn on power. Green light confirms that power cables can be traced. Blue light indicates that some other services can be traced.

Step 2 - Activate

Step 2 - Activate

Squeeze trigger to turn on UTILITRACE. LCD activates.

Step 3 - Search

Step 3 - Search

Hold UTILITRACE vertically, sweep the ground in a zig zag pattern, covering the whole area. When the visual & audible signals are at the highest you are directly over a buried service.

Step 4 - Mark

Step 4 - Mark

When the bar graph is at it’s highest point you are directly over the service & should mark the ground. Joining your marks indicates the path of the service.

Key functions: i button

Key functions: i button

Information. The UTILIFINDER+ web address will be displayed. The website provides all online support & training information.

Key functions: F button

Key functions: F button

Functional test. With the UTILIGEN turned off, hold the F button for 2 seconds. The UTILITRACE will automatically carry out a functional test.

Depth reading

Key functions: i button

Step 1: Position UTILIFINDER+ over the service
Step 2: Ensure UTILIFINDER+ is set to 33 kHz mode
Step 3: Press & release i key for depth reading

What is a UTILIFINDER+ and why do I need one?

HSE - Health & Safety Executive

HSG47: Avoiding danger from underground services

By law, breaking ground requires the use of a cable locating device to obtain accurate information about the location of buried utilities in order to protect employees and equipment during any excavation project.

Cable strikes result in unnecessary costs, reduces profit potential & introduces project delays.

The revolutionary new UTILIFINDER+ system provides a unique solution especially designed for work directly surrounding existing buildings, allowing quick & easy location of buried electrical cables. Other conductive services including metal gas & water pipes & Telecom cables can also be located when they are safety bonded to the electrical earth.

Easy to operate, press & go

Durable, reliable design

Proximity warning

Built in function test


Sunlight readable display

Peak display hold –
For accurate pinpointing

Takes standard batteries

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