Cable Detection for Builders

Building Companies

Building companies excavating foundations for extensions, conservatories, garden buildings etc.

Cable Detection for Gate Contractors

Driveway Contractors

Paving companies who excavate the drive anywhere around a property from the pavement leading into the building.

Cable Detection for Garden Designers

Garden Designers

Garden designers or landscapers, that are looking to excavate the land around a building.

Typical users

Cable Detection for Conservatory Erectors

Conservatory Erectors

Conservatory companies that are looking to excavate land around a building.

Cable Detection for Fencing Companies

Fencing Companies

Fencing Companies who are excavating new or existing post holes.

Cable Detection for Gate Contractors

Gate Contractors

Electric gate contractors looking to extend an electrical feed to the entrance of a property or commercial/private business park.

What is a UTILIFINDER+ and why do I need one?

HSE - Health & Safety Executive

HSG47: Avoiding danger from underground services

By law, breaking ground requires the use of a cable locating device to obtain accurate information about the location of buried utilities in order to protect employees and equipment during any excavation project.

Cable strikes result in unnecessary costs, reduces profit potential & introduces project delays.

The revolutionary new UTILIFINDER+ system provides a unique solution especially designed for work directly surrounding existing buildings, allowing quick & easy location of buried electrical cables. Other conductive services including metal gas & water pipes & Telecom cables can also be located when they are safety bonded to the electrical earth.

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