A Brief History of the Leica UTILIFINDER+


Leica UtiliFinder was developed and designed for users working in and around domestic dwellings and land owners with barns, sheds, garages or other out buildings.  As a home owner or contractor working in these environments, it is imperative to know where your Utility Services run under ground and how deep they are.

Leica engineering designers took the well established EZiCat i550 Cable Locator and stripped back the individual tracing modes, simplified the working selection modes and created an AUTO Detection scanning mode which combines Power & Radio searches into one.  The locator has an Automatic Sensitivity Location digital platform.  This makes operating the device very easy to use, by non-professional user groups.  Added features include ‘Hazard Zone’ a 30cm proximity alarm on live power cables. Depth measuring feature to buried services ONLY when used in conjunction with the Utili-Drain and Utili-Gen.


Tracing utilities with the Leica UTILIFINDER+

Design engineers were then asked to design a ‘LIVE PLUG‘ – signal transmitting device.  A plug which would generate a 33KHz frequency and fire this through the earth lines in a property and out onto LIVE buried services running into a building.
Should there be correct earthing in the house or outbuilding,  then you will be able to detect the following potential buried services:-  Power Cables, BT Cables, Cable T.V & metal structured service pipes. In the 33KHz mode you will be able to measure how deep these services are in the ground.
Key functions of the i button
  • Step 1: Position UTILIFINDER+ over the service
  • Step 2: Ensure UTILIFINDER+ is set to 33 kHz mode
  • Step 3: Press & release i key for depth reading

Tracing utilities with the Leica UTILIFINDER+

The Utili-Drain Sonde

Finding the directional run of storm drains or finding a blockage in a fowl waste pipes can be very difficult.  This system has also developed a digital signal strength display,  transmitted in an 8KHz frequency from the Utili-Drain device.  The Utili-Drain pipe tracer simply screws onto domestic drain rods and is powered by just one AA battery.

Pin-Pointing these services to avoid Service Strikes could ultimately save your life.

Leica Utili-Drain Application

The Leica UTILIFINDER+ System:

  • Easy to use
  • Find electricity cables
  • Reduce cable strikes
  • Avoid delays & repair costs
  • Save time & money

Typical end users of the UTILIFINDER+ System are:

  • General Builders
  • Landscape Gardeners
  • Conservatory Builders
  • Fencing Companies
  • Gateway Contractors
  • Driveway Contractors
  • Property / Home Maintenance
  • Plumbing & Drainage Companies

Plant & Tool Hire companies have had particularly good results from this product as the operating platform is so simple to understand & demonstrate.

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